What is your price?

Are you for sale?  If so then what is your price?  How easily can you be bought?

Well, if you are one of those Anarchists or a Libertarians who has been promoting Bitcoin then I suppose the answer is pretty easily.

You see at first I didn't understand why any liberty-minded person would promote something designed to make a permanent record of every financial transaction ever made.  Something that would make that record available to anybody and everybody via the blockchain.

It sure didn't sound like the monetary system of a free society; it sounded more like something that would have been imposed by some tyrannical dictator years ago, had the technology been available.  Like a Mao or a Hitler, or a Stalin.

At first I didn't understand why anybody would promote something when they had no idea who created it or what it was created for.  But then I found out that you were expecting to get paid, paid to set aside your principles, paid to take part in a digital ponzi scheme, paid to betray the liberty community, paid to help promote a cashless society, paid to give the elite what they always wanted.

Tell me, oh Bitcoin man, how have you safeguarded the right to privacy that past generations fought for and died for?  What have you done with your inheritance?  And those brave men who marched through the woods with rags tied around their feet as they defeated the British empire.  What do you suppose they would they think of your so-called "privacy coins"!?

As for me, I already had a privacy coin before you showed up with your little get rich quick scheme.  I already had a way to buy and sell without being tracked and traced; without taking a mark in my right hand or in my forehead.  But now that may be all about to change, thanks to you.  You've done such a good job of convincing people that a digital currency is not only harmless but beneficial that we're rapidly approaching the point of no return.  Again this is thanks to your efforts and your promotion, your propaganda.

If we continue down this path then it won't be long before the masses will be willing to stop using cash and switch over to a central bank controlled digital currency; possibly a global currency.  All that it would take now would be a more stable government-controlled version of Bitcoin.  Something that doesn't destroy the environment by requiring mega Jules of electrical energy to mine.

And things could have never gotten to this point without the help of people like you; people who could overcome objections about privacy and liberty in a believable way.

This could never have been promoted successfully by someone from the elite criminal class.  A global digital currency?; something that would record forever every financial transaction ever made?; a new monetary regime that would make it so you couldn't even give a few cents to a bum without the government knowing about it?  Nobody would have agreed to that.  If someone like a Bill Clinton or a George Bush were to have tried to sell this to the people they would have rejected it outright; it was always going to take someone like you to sell this, a traitor from within our own ranks.

Oh I know, it's an anonymous account number that can't be tied to you right?  Only, in reality, once it is tied to you the public record of everything you did with that account will always exist.

Truth be told you would have had far more concerns about Bitcoin privacy were it not for the fact that you saw Bitcoin primarily as a cash cow.

The truly disgusting thing about all this is that if you would have taken all that energy that you spent promoting Bitcoin and put it into any honest venture you'd probably have earned more money then whatever you made by taking part in the scam.

Tell me, oh Bitcoin man, what was your price?
For how many shekels did you sell your soul?
How much did you have to be offered before you set aside your principles?
Tell me because I really want to know.  Was it worth it? Are you living on your own private yacht partying it up with 16 year old girls and an unlimited supply of coke?

Please tell me it was worth it.  I really need to know that it was at least worth it for you, because it sure as hell won't be worth it for me.  Because it's going to take me years to fix your mess, years to undo the damage you have done!, years to put the demon you unleashed back into Pandora's box, and that's if I can fix it at all.

So please please please tell me that you sold yourself for a worthy price.  Tell me that you didn't sell yourself cheap.  Tell me that you sold yourself for more than just a few magnetized spots on a hard drive and the promise of riches.  Please tell me you at least got 30 pieces of silver for your trouble.