In A Free Country
A talk about life in a free country, no, not your country, but rather what your country would be like if it were really free!
By Michael Berger       July 2020
The North Star
About our central guiding principle, our north star, the central principle of liberty and human rights.
By Michael Berger       April 2021
The Dangers of Working from Home
Working from home is a trap, do not fall for it, there are hidden, long-term dangers.
By Michael Berger       November 2021
The Vanishing Middle Class
In order to truly be middle class you must own your own home and have savings for retirement. It used to be that any full-time worker with good spending habits could become middle class.
By Michael Berger       January 2022
Let's Talk About Ownership
What does ownership mean really? What does it mean to be an owner? Rightful VS Legal ownership.
By Michael Berger       February 2022
Automated Systems of Theft
The fact that most of us have to work so hard for so little is no accident. It's by design. It's due to systems of theft that were carefully planned and deliberately designed. Automated systems of theft.
By Michael Berger       March 2022
How Slavery Began
When slavery began it was not possible for the few to subdue the many by force alone. Although they lacked modern weapons and systems of surveillance, they still found a way to do it.
By Michael Berger       May 2022
What is Your Price
It is amazing how easily people can be bought, how quickly they betray their principles. The popularity of Bitcoin among Libertarians and Anarchists shows us that they too can easily be bought.
By Michael Berger       July 2022